Ronit Ray

Hi there! If you’re looking for something more formal, you can find my résumé here.

I’m Ronit Ray, a web developer based in Kolkata, India.

A not-great but serviceable picture of me, Ronit Ray

I currently work as a Systems Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services. I’ve spent the last couple of years working on REST web services in Java+Spring along with an Oracle DB backend. More recently, I have also been building rich hybrid apps using Angular 12 and Capacitor that utilize these APIs. You can check out some of my work here.

My interests are varied- I read a lot, practically anything I can lay my hands on. I love watching video essays and documentaries, but don’t shy away from guilty pleasures like poorly written action flicks either. I believe there must be more to life than personal enrichment, and value equality, privacy, shared knowledge, and human relationships.

I’m always on the lookout for any opportunity to widen my horizons. If you would like to reach out, please feel free to contact me.