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2021-11-05Getting Your Feet (and mine) Wet in the World of Sports Analytics

2021-09-12Turn Substack articles into distraction-free blog posts in 60 seconds

2021-08-15Recently- August 02-15

2021-08-07Fix the Dock on PopOS for Productivity and Profit

2021-07-29Weekly Digest: Jul 26 - Aug 01, 2021

2021-07-11Building a Sustainable Personal Wiki for Free

2021-06-07Supercharging StackOverflow for Productivity (and Profit?)

2021-05-13Lancelot- My Brainchild (a short story I wrote 10 years ago)

2021-05-09GoatCounter- Simple, Tracking-Free Analytics

2021-05-05Let's Build: COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker (for India)

2021-04-15Don't FLoC with my Heart

2021-04-07Face-Eating Leopards and Humble Pie (Signal, why?)

2021-03-25Don't Use Units for Line Height (Txti Please!)

2021-03-19WhatsApp is Down

2021-03-17How to Back Up Your Signal Conversations

2021-03-14How to Use Your Phone as a Webcam

2021-03-07What I'm Doing to Improve this Site's Accessibility

2021-02-21How I Handle My Passwords

2021-02-18Ecstatic v0.1 Release

2021-02-12Art and Expectation

2021-02-09Reclaim Control Over Your Content Consumption with RSS Feeds

2021-01-22Crypto- A Regret and A Request

2021-01-16Signal: Down, but Not Out

2021-01-14GitHub Pages to Neocities, a New Home

2021-01-10Why I Don't Use Telegram

2021-01-02Bucking Social Media Attraction with Light Frontends

2020-12-12On Letting Go

2020-11-30On Reinventing the Wheel

2020-11-05Tags are a thing now, I guess

2020-10-15Leaving Note-Taking Applications