Ronit Ray

YouTube Creators

Here are some of my favourite YouTube channels. I mostly seek out medium or longform video essays, media criticism, science communication, and general fun educational content.

  1. Answer in Progress
  2. Tom Scott
  3. Pop Culture Detective
  4. Nerdwriter1
  5. Philosophy Tube
  6. Sophie From Mars
  7. Maggie Mae Fish
  8. Sarah Z
  9. The Plain Bagel
  10. Zoe Bee
  11. Science is Dope
  12. FD Signifier
  13. Jack Edwards
  14. DankPods
  15. LEMMiNO


Here are some of the blogs I read, in no particular order.

I use Newsboat as an RSS/Atom reader, but quite often use their websites directly, because none of the blogs I follow use terrible “modern” web design antipatterns.

  1. Tom MacWright
  2. Drew DeVault
  3. Ana Rodrigues
  4. Jan-Lukas Else
  5. Jamie Zawinski / JWZ
  6. Jeff Atwood, Coding Horror
  7. Kirby Kevinson
  8. Cathy O’Neil, Mathbabe
  9. Techdirt
  10. Light Blue Touchpaper, University of Cambridge
  11. Maria Popova, The Marginalian, formerly BrainPickings