Ronit Ray

An awful series with next to no redeeming features. Continues to reinforce the idea that Star Wars is spearheaded by morons whose idea of creativity is capitulating to whatever fans ask for.

“Fans”: I am fans. Me, a day before the first episode:

I would watch this man watching paint dry tbh, so the mouse has got me good

To be fair, Ewan was excellent throughout, and worth the price of admission alone. Vivien Lyra Blair is a revelation as a pint-sized Leia Organa; and everything else about the show is pretty much awful.

The central theme of the show- wait, Obi Wan and Leia are in danger??? Well shit, color me completely engrossed and on the edge of my seat, because it’s not like I KNOW THEY MAKE IT TO THE NEXT MOVIE INTACT. Oh good, we’re switching up themes for the final episode to- LUKE SKYWALKER IS IN DANGER? WAT? WHO WROTE THIS?

From absolutely ham-fisted plot points to dubious use of video walls and awful camerawork, there is very little redeeming about this show technically. The performances are okay for the most part- McGregor and Blair shine as mentioned already, and Indira Varma, Jimmy Smits, Hayden Christensen (yes, him too), Joel Edgerton, Bonnie Piesse, Kumail Nanjiani, Sung Kang et al put in decent shifts too, but goddamn the material they are given is awful. This is reflected most easily in the case of Moses Ingram- a pretty good actor (fuck off, racists) given a terrible character arc and seemingly weird direction instructions. You aren’t given enough time to care for her, or enough reason to be threatened or invested in her arc.

Darth Vader is pretty good, to be fair. It’s always fun to see him show off and be the extra queen he is. Even so, some of the decisions they make are quite absurd, like playing the Imperial March- a symbol of the might and order of the Empire with Vader as its general, when he is at his lowest.

In trying to harken back to the glory days of the franchise, this show somehow actively undermines them as well. The entire point of the A New Hope climax was that this is the first time Vader is seeing his master sjnce the incident, and same for Obi Wan. Vader is calculated and confident but eager to prove himself. Ben has seen it all and the only thing on his mind is letting Luke get away safe. If they have been meeting up sporadically for dandiya lessons over the last 50 years it undermines that fight altogether.

In trying to sell toys and make money, they also actively break continuity and harm the canon. Having spent the entirety of this series with Kenobi and seemingly developed a bond with him, one would think Leia’s message to R2-D2 in Episode IV would be more “OMG BUDDY WAN FRENOBI DUUUUDE I’M IN TROUBLE YOU GOTTA HELP” than “bro, my daddy was a Senator and you used to work for him. halp pls”, and that she would react more to his death.

And those are just individual pieces of a rotten fruit. This was just all-around awful.