Ronit Ray

In an effort to push myself to keep writing, I’m going to steal an idea off the awesome Tom Macwright and start a reading log on this site. I had a goodreads account for a while, and quite enjoyed it, but I’m not quite fond of the UX of the site, and adding data to Amazon’s corpus isn’t exactly something that I’m dying to do. I deleted the account some time in 2019 or so, and don’t miss it. However, since then my reading habit has also tapered off. This year, I’m trying to get back into the groove, and having an accountability mechanism could be an interesting way to approach this. Instead of going back to goodreads or taking up an alternative like The Storygraph, I’m going to be publishing my book reviews on this site itself.

I’ll mostly be taking inspiration from the reading section on Tom’s site. So there is a new reading section here, where I will be leaving a post every time I complete a book. These posts won’t be too long, but I want to keep maintaining the habit. I am going to try to put up at least one post or one book review on this site every week, so that should be fun.

My review of Atomic Habits is up now, and I should have one more up by the end of this month.